Jake Rabinowitz

rodilý mluvčí, průvodce pro tělocvik


Konzultační hodina pro rodiče: středa 12:57 – 13:57

I am from New York City and have lived in Prague for the last three years playing and coaching baseball. I am looking forward to joining the ScioŠkola family.  I previously worked at a nursery school in NYC with similar academic beliefs.  I believe as a guide in this school we will have the opportunity to erase the fear of failure from our minds, while exploring the world with open eyes and minds, and building character.  As the English guide I will be able to go class to class and be a part of the children’s daily activities while immersing them in English. I also am excited to have the opportunity to run the PE program and share my athletic knowledge with the kids.  We will explore all different sports through the year. Not every kid will be a superstar athlete but we can build a base for everyone to lead a healthy life and still be able to challenge those kids who have higher aspirations.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and building strong, lasting relationships.

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